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Service : Web Development


As a successful business owner, you will at some point look into launching a website for a number of reasons. When that happens, you may find yourself without the skills, or time to develop and maintain one. You will want to seek a professional developer to build your site, one that sells to your clients and generates interest in said business.

At first, the best approach is a simple one that identifies to your business model. From there a site can include more features such as an electronic store, news updates, Community Events, and a large variety of user requested information. From a professional e-commerce point of view, keeping a website appearance simple and easy to navigate is always ideal, making one versatile for both mobile and desktop browsing can be tricky and time consuming.

Websites these days are only limited by the creators' imagination, which are great for attracting clients and making revenue. With Custom Projects London you get quality development designs and modern methods, at the most affordable rates.

Custom Projects London is here for your World Wide Web needs.



$150.00 : Each new website includes a Home, Contact information, and Business/Owner About page


  • $15.00 : per additional page
  • $20.00 : per hour labour rate


$20.00 : For the first page (per session)


  • $10.00 : per additional page (same session)
  • $20.00 : per hour labour rate

Service : Software Solutions


From a business stand point a program can do one of two things, cut costs or generate higher revenue. The trick is finding that great development team (or individual), to generate a functional and bug free application to help you meet your goals.

Get a user friendly interface built around your business. Manage clients, inventory, invoices and customer orders on a local terminal, or on the go with a mobile device. Whatever the task, if you can imagine it, a professional programmer can develop it.

Custom Projects London is here for your Software Development needs.


Fully negotiable

Service : Local Network


In today’s “always connected” world, there is a large misconception that going wireless is just as good as running a cord to your modem. But whether one goes Wireless or Wired, both have their Pro’s and Con’s.

With mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, there is only one option. But when it comes to desktop computers and laptops, game consoles, and other devices with both LAN ports and WIFI support, which do you choose?

Even with today’s sophisticated wireless technology, the following have to be taken into consideration:

  • wireless signals have a range, the further you are from the source, the weaker the signal and slower the connection
  • obstacles such as walls can potentially obstruct signal strength, and working microwaves near your device can cause a signal loss
  • other wireless sources can interfere with yours
  • the greater the number of devices connected to the source, can reduce speeds for all devices connected evenly
  • security for private wireless networks, including connection overhead takes up roughly 6/10 of the information being transmitted

And for those sensitive business networks, even with passwords and encryptions, the data is being broadcasted to everyone locally.

The truth is that even though having a wireless environment around your lifestyle is convenient, it still lacks in speeds, security and reliability that you might get with a network cable. When it comes to downloads, streaming of video or playing online games, wiring is the way to go. Getting the most out of connecting the entire house hold or business office does not need to be complex nor expensive.

Technology is growing at accelerated rates, with it the quality of the many media services we enjoy is growing as well. That quality will need for the medium it runs on to keep its integrity, especially if there are dozens of devices making use of dozens of services through one access point. With Custom Projects London you get quality optimized connection, at the most affordable rates.

Custom Projects London is here for your Networking needs.


FREE inspection and estimate

$18.00 : per hour labour rate

$2.30 : per cable, plus:

  • $0.29 : per foot of Cat6 cable (speeds of 10 Gbps), or
  • $0.20 : per foot of Cat5e cable (speeds of 1 Gbps)

$75.00 est. : per router "5 port, 1 Gigabit" (only one needed)

$30.00 est. : per switch "5 port, 1 Gigabit" (optional, for more than 4 wired connections)

large scale switches are also an option, prices vary (16, 32, 48 ports and higher).

In addition, you can ask about setting up a home media server that streams all your media to your consoles and android boxes.

Prices can vary.

Service : Video Editing


Got a video project in mind but lack the tools or skills?

Looking for a videographer to upload your social events to your YouTube channel?

Do you still have VHS tapes of your family outings and wish to transfer them into a digital medium?

Find out just how affordable and professional your video collection can become.

Custom Projects London is here to lend a helping hand with any project you can think of.



From weddings, to birthday parties, to your companies training video...

$8.00 : for every 5 minutes of footage.


  • $18.00 : per hour labour rate

Analog to Digital

Transfer all your content from tapes to: CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or video files (.avi, .mov, .mp4, other)...

$5.00 : per footage over 10 minutes long


  • $18.00 : per hour labour rate

Hire a Videographer

$25.00 : per hour per camera man


  • Equipment rental fees if required

Service : Home Theatre


Getting that theater experience at home is more than just a reality; it’s becoming a norm.

Appliance manufacturing companies are always improving upon technology and consumer costs. However, technology is improving at such an accelerated rate that it can be hard to make a choice, and sometimes not so tech savvy shoppers make poor ones without the awareness that they are. Ideally you want to find a system that agrees with your needs and budget; paying extra for gimmicks that you are never going to take advantage of can be a waste of money, and your peace of mind.

Whether, you are looking to get the big picture and sound, or just stay on par with the times, you can find just the right setup for any budget. With Custom Projects London, get that top quality theater experience, with shopping assistance that won’t break the bank.

Custom Projects London is here for your Entertainment needs.


Leave the shopping to us

Tell us what you are looking for, and the budget you are looking to spend; we will search for the best fit for your needs.

5% commission based on the total of goods purchased.

Optional set up service, see bellow...

Let us get you set up

If you did the shopping yourself, yet dont have the courage or time to do it yourself; we will see to it that you are up and running with peace of mind.

$18.00 : per hour labour rate